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  • Something has shifted. Something between The East and The West. There’s a New Frontier and there’s a New Citizenship. L.A Tokyo Moscow London Shanghai Bucharest Bangkok Milan NewYorkCity Seoul Paris Zurich Madrid Berlin Beijing. Aserican are from Everywhere. Aserica. It's Asia - America - and the Whole World in between.



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    Ren Han at Pecci.


    The works of Chinese photographer and poet Ren Hang (1987– 2017) are being exhibited for the first time in Italy at the Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato with a selection of 90 photographs, accompanied by a portfolio documenting the backstage of the shots Ren Hang took in the Wienerwald in 2015 as well a large section of rare books about his work.
    Ren Hang is best known for his research on body, identity, sexuality and the man-nature relationship, which features a new, free and rebellious Chinese youth. Mostly naked, his subjects appear on a roof among the skyscrapers of Beijing, in a forest of tall trees, in a pond with lotus flowers, in a bathtub among swimming goldfish or in a bare room with impassive faces and their limbs bent in unnatural poses.
    Swans, peacocks, snakes, cherries, apples, flowers and plants are used as absurd props but with great power. Although often provocatively explicit in the exposure o...


    Harold Feinstein at Hill Gallery.


    Declared “one of the most accomplished recorders of the American experience” in his New York Times obituary, the photographer Harold Feinstein is largely unknown today. Born in New York in 1931, the son of Jewish immigrants began practicing photography at the age of 15 when he borrowed a Rolleiflex camera from a neighbour. Rising through the scene alongside contemporaries such as Diane Arbus, Walker Evans and Garry Winogrand, Harold Feinstein cemented his name in the art of photography with his sensitive depiction of the human condition.
    Capturing life candidly throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the American photographer’s work is celebrated in a new exhibition currently on show at David Hill Gallery. Titled Boardwalks, Beaches & Boulevards, the exhibition is running from 18 June to 14 August at the central London venue.



    Gypsy Girl and Carousel, 1946

    The Anti-Racism photography fundraiser.


    The Anti-Racism photography fundraiser — which runs for three weeks from 03 to 24 July — comprises £100 prints from over 100 photographers. Contributing artists include Renell Medrano, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Myles Loftin, Amber Pinkerton, Michael Bailey-Gates, and many others; the complete list can be found here.
    The sale is raising money for three British organisations supporting the Black community: The Black Curriculum — a social enterprise founded to address the lack of Black British history in the UK curriculum; Black Minds Matter — an organisation working to make mental health services accessible for all Black people across the UK; and Exist Loudly — an organisation founded to create programming in support of Queer Black youth in London and beyond it.
    “As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to lead the fight for equality, the decision to operate under the banner of anti-racism is a call for the creative world, a...


    the line between the reader and writer has blurred - and so have the distinction among tweet, blog post, newspaper story, magazine article, the line between professionals and amateurs - practically beyond recognition. More than ever we can still crave for latest updates or ever-changing trends.


    My Queer Blackness.

    A new digital project celebrates Black Queer identity — comprising a charity print sale, an online journal, and weekly screenings of three films by the late Marlon Riggs.

    See in Black.

    A new print sale, See In Black, highlights the work of Black photographers.

    Latest Updates/Reposts /Exclusive Content /A Master Passion Is The Love Of News...