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    The colors, vibrations, and shades of the sea. The swimmer, drifting in and out of water, endlessly drawn towards this magical, mysterious, and infinite element.

    In this story, I explore the visual interactions between water and the human body: the sensuality of wet skin, the abstraction of the body underwater creating new landscapes… this ballet between the swimmer and the sea, ever so mysterious… and the possible, reversible change in consciousness when one dives too deep, sharpening the senses and causing visions, hallucinations.

    This project grew out of a long process of revisiting photographs I took one summer when the idea for this story emerged. I first created Songe, then Shades of blue before it dawned on me to blend both series so as to design a fuller narrative. Part of my creative process was to become that swimmer, plunging back into my own sea of images, looking and going deeper, searching for new vision...



    Her – It began with my late cat, Coco who passed through this world to the world of her own.
    Her – Whose voices are not represented in a society obsessed with perfection.
    Her – Who embraces her flaws regardless of beauty standards imprinted in her upbringing.
    Her – She accepts her individuality and does not conform to societal expectations.
    Her – The notion of beauty expressed through her story, her fluid body and her vulnerability.
    Her – The women I photograph who embodies her natural beauty in her most raw and genuine form.

    “Her” in Thai translates to “เธอ/ter” which is a common pronoun used to refer to someone with affection; usually in the way a group of female friends refer to one another, a teacher to a student, or in most cases a man to a woman.

    n "HEREFORHER", Pokchat Worasub explores the strength of the female soul that exists within the delicate female body. The series of photogr...



    My name is Udommuny Kongkea. But my nickname is Chit. I was born in Kampong Chnang which is a province in Cambodia. It’s like 91 km from Phnom Penh. I am the 6th son of 8 brothers and sisters. When I was 14 years old, my family moved from Cambodia to Thailand.

    There I started studying and working with T-shirt screening and then later developed an interest in being a barber. My mom wanted me to become a barber and introduced me to barber school. After going there I realized it interested me too. So I became a barber in the Boycambo Barber shop at a night market in Thailand. Now I am 27 years old and I like to model. My true passions in life are photography, modeling, and cutting hair.

    Another part of my story is that I am a refugee from Cambodia and it is not easy living in Thailand due to my refugee status. Many refugees get arrested by the Thai police every single day. In the future I want to live in another count...


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    Bang SangHyeok.

    Bang SangHyeok is a Korean artist who works with the photographic medium experimenting with black and whites and light. We asked Bang a few questio...

    Juan Brenner.

    Juan Brenner is a photographer and independant art director living and working in Guatemala. Between 1998 and 2008 he worked predominantly in New Y...

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