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    Witness To Beauty.

    Photographer Sage Sohier, the daughter of model Wendy Morgan, created a photo book paying homage to her mother and the controversial topic of age.

    Sixty two year old photographer is the daughter of model Wendy Morgan. Morgan is known for posing for Richard Avedon and Irving Penn in the 1940’s. Sohier has always been infatuated with her mothers glamorous air and was inspired to document her mother, her style and beauty rituals as she aged through her 70’s.

    “We don’t live in a society that appreciates women looking their age. My mother, unlike many women, has been able to afford cosmetic surgery, and she has enjoyed looking as youthful as she can, Though some would say that that is not a ‘graceful’ way to age, in many important ways she has been a terrific example of how to enjoy growing older.”

    Through Sohier’s series it is evident that age can not be defied, as there is documentation of Morgan losing loved ones and the typical health, and emotional hardships that come with ageing. There is always a sweet sense of beauty that does not come with physical appearance, but the grace and joy that only humans learn with age.

    Witness To Beauty: Watching Your Mother Age will be published on Feb 21’s by Kehrer Verlag