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    Wisconsin Death Trip.

    Alessandra Sanguinetti photographs small town that was the plot for the cult novel “Wisconsin Death Trip”

    In 2014, Alessandra Sanguinetti took a trip to small town Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Using the local paper as her guide, she documented the small town lifestyle in black and white images. What sparked the trip came from an obsession over a cult novel she had read in her youth. The novel “Wisconsin Death Trip” depicts Black River Falls as a hopeless town with unexplainable oddities, wether it be suicide, delusions, or people deranged on the subject of religion.
    Sanguinetti’s vision tells a less twisted story. Using black and white film and clean lines and serious moods from models. Leaving imagination up to the viewer. The novel was a pivotal moment in Sanguinetti’s life. After reading it, "It sent me into a panic, I suddenly realized I would die" she remembers. After two separate visits to Black River Falls she now has a collection to honour the impactful novel. The series has yet to be released on her website.