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    While in Venice.

    Photographer Dotan Saguy captures the wild bohemian characters of Venice Beach.

    Venice, Los Angeles, was founded in 1905. It is home to picturesque canals modelled after its Italian namesake, an ocean front promenade, and some of California’s wackiest performers. From snake charmers, body builders, mystics, and vendors, Venice Beach has always enchanted and fascinated tourists and locals alike. Dorat Saguy, an Israeli photographer, has spent 3 years documenting what he considers to be the final days of the circus-like world of Venice. His black and white photos capture the ‘freakshows’ of Venice in all their glory, protesting the closure of buildings bought by big tech companies like Snapchat, performers putting on their final touches before going on stage, and kids enjoying the sun and sand. Dorat Saguy’s new book, Venice Beach: The Last Days of a Bohemian Paradise, features a beautiful blond snake charmer on its front cover, a classic scene from the promenade. Later in the book, however, we see her and her son struggle with an eviction notice. It records the changing face of Venice Beach, as new real estate develops and pushes out some of the more colourful, but less affluent characters. His book is being published by Kehrer Verlag, and is available online for purchase. On August 11th at 5pm at Venice Arts in Marina del Ray, Saguy will be signing his new book.