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    Vogue Polska.

    Juergen Teller shoots first volume of Vogue Poland.

    Vogue Polska has launched their first volume this February. This makes Vogue Polska the 23rd version of the notorious fashion magazine. The new edition has been partnered with Condé Nast and the Polish media enterprise, Visteria. The issue will have run 160,000 copies alongside the digital format, Vogue.pl.

    The first edition has been shot by notable photographer, Juergen Teller. He shot Polish supermodels Anja Rubik and Malgosia Bela in front of the Warsaw’s Communist-era Palace of Culture and Science for the March issues cover. Teller breaks the usual standard of Vogue covers in the past. Instead of the traditional close up fashion shot, Teller takes a full bodied, scenic shot, emphasizing the history of Poland’s landscapes. The cover also ditches the subheadings and cover lines. Teller has also shot a photography feature of the Polish creative, artistic, and political personalities that have had influence in the culture of Poland.

    The editor-in-cheif, Filip Niedenthall, explains that the magazine is a praise to everything local: “The first issue is going to be very Polish in character, full of Polish symbols, both modern and historical ones.”