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    View of the 90’s.

    Russian Designer, Gosha, has launched a sunglasses line and zine inspired by the 90’s rave memories.

    Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has debuted his first sunglasses capsule at Pitti Uomo. The collection was released in partnership with the Italian brand RETROSUPERFUTURE and was spotted in the designers east-meets-west-sportwear collection. After two years, the duo has released two new 90’s rave reminiscent styles.

    Previously at Gosha’s St. Petersburg show in June last year- the two brands collaborated showcasing mutual influences shared between Russia and Western Europe rave and youth culture.

    “Visually, our new collaboration is very different from the previous one,” Rubchinkiy said. “Nevertheless, it conveys the same mood and memories of the raves of the 90s. Bright colored lenses and metal frames, parties with electronic music, mixed with the feeling of summer.”

    Alongside the collection, Gosha has recruited the emerging British photographer Tom Emmerson to collaborate on a zine which gives a deeper visual representation of the British rave culture.

    The second wave of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s sunglass collection is available now at Dover Street market.