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    Unparalleled Minimalism.

    Parra’s first solo exhibition opens in New York.

    Dutch artist and designer Parra’s first solo exhibition “No Work Today” opened at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. Parra is known for his minimalist style, curvaceous line work with bold colour palettes that set his work apart and make it instantly recognisable. The artist’s exhibition is a new series of twelve works on canvas, ink drawings and sculpture.

    Parra has drawn inspiration from the likes of Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wassermann and their use of bold, pop-like graphics and over the past decade has evolved his work with a distinct expression of his own style. Regularly inspired by his everyday surroundings, pop culture and music, the artist said, “I collect images in my head from what I see around me in the times I’m not painting, and then scribble them down with pencil… the theme plays a big part but I focus mainly on the composition, and that it will be a painting that is interesting to look at.” The exhibition title “No Work Today” hints at the subject of the pieces on display, Parra playfully exploring the simple pleasures in life, from relaxing in bed and reading a book, to chilling out poolside.

    “No Work Today” by Parra is on at the Joshua Liner Gallery, New York until December 17, 2016.