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    Unexpected Art.

    The Douglas Hyde Gallery exhibits Dennis Dinneen, a publican, taxi driver and photographer. His work is comprised of 20,000 photographs of civilians in his small home town in Ireland.

    Dennis Dinneen worked as a publican, taxi driver and photographer in his tome town of Macroom, Country Cork. His photos were taken between the 1950’s and 1970’s and showcase the simple rural life in Ireland.

    His photos were shot in a small cluttered studio room in the same building as the main street pub. The pictures were often used for official documents or wallet momento’s and are mostly comprised of close up unedited, and cropped photos. In the early years of his photography, Dennis posed his subjects in front of a patterned backdrop, but later opting out for a simple white. Each session was shot only using two or three frames. The photos have a casualness to them, which could be driven from the fact that the subjects were being shot by a face that was so common and friendly to them.

    Until the 1980’s Dennis Dinneen was the only professional photographer in the Macroom and surrounding area, which gave him more opportunity then taking studio shots but also had him photograph for the local newspaper, the Cork Examiner and working on call for the local police force.

    Forty years have passed since Dennis Dinneen stopped photographing, but the Douglas Hyde Gallery brings all his images into one place to be viewed and appreciated from 21 April through to 27 May.