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    Unearthing Gold.

    Legendary American photographer Nan Goldin has released a new series of images capturing Boston’s queer scene in the 1970s.  

    Nan Goldin’s grungy pictures of NY in the 1980s caused a stir when they were first published in 1986’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. Capturing moments from her and her friend’s lives, these images depicted living and clubbing in New York – everything from parties and models to illness, drug addiction and abuse. These raw depictions were controversial at the time, with Goldin accused of glamourising heroin use.

    Now, Goldin’s earlier Boston images are on display for the first time at Torino’s Guido Costa Projects Gallery in an eponymous exhibition. Shot when the photographer was still a teenager, these never-before-seen images sit alongside some early works from her Dazzle Bag retrospective, and other selected images from the 1970s. The exhibition provides an enlightening and compelling look at Goldin’s work before she became a cultural icon.

    The Nan Goldin exhibition runs until 17 October, 2015 at Torino’s Guido Costa Projects Gallery.