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    Time to Parr.

    Martin Parr photographs Gucci’s new watch campaign.

    Martin Parr, famous British photographer, has been commissioned by Gucci to capture their new, elegant collection of time pieces. Parr is best known for his anthropological photojournalism. He often focuses his lens on a critique of the modern world, especially Western society, through capturing wealth disparity, social classes and global consumer culture. Interestingly, the Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci, surely caters to the clientele Parr is most used to criticizing. Still, his photographs of the classic watches show off his personal style, as each image features the watch in a way that deviates from traditional fashion photography. One image in particular caught my eye. It shows the hand of a black man, wearing a silver and gold watch, hailing a cab. His forearm enters the frame at an imposing angle, the yellow taxi cabs of New York roll past. It seems like a simple scenario, from the point of view of a man trying to catch a cab, but does this picture have any other implications? It is known that catching a cab as a black man in New York is no easy feat. By adding the Gucci watch, a bulky gold ring and a bespoke camel hair coat into this image, we are confronted with this man’s wealth and luxury but also the social discrimination he may face. This is just one example and interpretation of how Martin Parr brings a social critique, as well keen aesthetics, to this Gucci campaign. This series, which features images from nine locations worldwide launched on Instagram on the 19th .