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    Time Capsule.

    Bleak landscapes, lone figures, longing and desolation – the imagery of the multi-talented Wim Wenders strikes a sentimental nerve. An exhibition currently running in Berlin showcases his recent photography.

    The man behind such beloved cinematic hits as Paris, Texas and Buena Vista Social Club, Wenders is best known for his works as a filmmaker. An exhibition currently running at Blain Southern in Berlin, however, showcases his recent photography.

    ‘Time Capsule. By the side of the Road’ captures scenes from the artist’s travels through Germany and rural America. From empty drive-in theatres to evergreen forest to rollercoaster frame, his pictures freeze moments in time, allowing us to view disparate locations from Wenders’ perspective as an expatriate.

    “I think I had wide-open eyes for America, and ‘the American landscape’ in a general sense seemed extremely attractive to me, both as a photographer and filmmaker,” says Wenders. “Maybe the long absence from Germany of 15 years has enabled me to see places here with the same wide-open eyes. What has remained the same: in those landscapes, German or American, I’m still looking for the traces of civilization, of history, or people.”

    ‘Time Capsule. By the side of the road’ is on at Blain Southern in Berlin until 14 November 2015.