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    The Shchukin Collection.

    The Russian collection of French Modern Art on display at Foundation Louis Vuitton.

    This fall’s landmark exhibition in Paris pays tribute to Sergei Shchukin, the visionary collector of French modern art. Forming one of the most radical art collections of his time, Russian born Shchukin integrated himself into the Parisian arts scene from the end of the 19th century.

    Icons of Modern Art at the Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibits around 130 paintings by the greats such as Monet, Picasso, Mitisse, Gaugin and Derain and many more. President François Hollande of France and President Vladimir Putin of Russia will open the exhibition in mid-October 2016 with a display of diplomatic handshaking. In recent years these two countries have not seen eye-to-eye and art remains a cultural bridge between them.

    Shchukin made the journey between Paris and Moscow many times as he amassed his collection of 275 works from the late 1890s until the beginning of World War I. His incredible collection journeys through Impressionism, post-Impressionism and Modern Art and is designed to emulate the way in which he organised his masterpieces in his Trubetskoy Palace.

    Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection opens on October 22, 2016 until February 20, 2017 at Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris.