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    The Rise of Cy Twombly.

    The Centre Pompidou in Paris will be exhibiting the work of American artist Cy Twombly From November 30th, 2016 through to April 24, 2017.

    Cy Twombly, was once an overlooked artist in the American art scene in the 1960’s. His pieces strayed away from the trending themes of minimalism and pop art. His work is thoughtful, soft and abstract. Which was polar opposite from the colour and clarity of the idolized art at the time. After not exhibiting new work for a few years, a critic had described Twombly and his art as a “Fiasco” and claiming that “there isn't anything to the paintings”. At the time, these critics were trying to push “Old European” art out to make room for American minimalism.

    Although Twombly was an American, he lived in Rome and his work greatly influenced by the European culture. Because of his unique combination of European sensitivity and American boldness he could create visually soft pieces with loud and activist-like meanings. Twombly was greatly affected by history’s traumas. Such as the murder of the Roman Empire Commodus in AD 192 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. These hints of history and anguish can be seen with the use of blood-red colours in is work.

    Centre Pompidou in Paris will be showcasing 3 of Twombly’s major cycles; “Nine Discourses on Commodus,” 1963, “Fifty Days at Iliam,” 1978, and “Coronation of Sesostris,” 2000 – and will focus on his entire career from work from the early 1950’s to his last paintings. The exhibition will run from November 30th, 2016 though to April 24, 2017.