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    The New Bauhaus Museum Opens.

    Klassik Stiftung Weimar opens the doors of the new Bauhaus Museum Weimar

    On April 6th the Klassik Stiftung Weimar will open it’s doors to the new Bauhaus Museum set in one of Weimar’s imminent cultural hubs. The opening will mark exactly 100 years since the Bauhaus University was named and will display the world’s oldest Bauhaus collection. The theme bases itself on the question “How do we want to live together?”. Examples of the pieces being exhibited, some never before shown in public, are those of designers like Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee, Lászlo Moholy-Nagy, and Marianne Brandt. Their messages hold as great a relevance to our current reality as they did many decades ago, unfolding contemporary and progressive perspectives.  
    The museum was designed by Heike Hanada after she won the contract, competing against 530 international architects.  Hanada is based in Berlin, but her years of work in Tokyo, and her role as a free artist and professor of architecture at the Bauhaus University of Weimar has built her into the precise and pivotal designer she shows in her new building. 
    Lined with 24 rows of LED lights that emphasise the character of the concrete based cube structure, it glows on into the night. Gentle yet hazy glass fixed to the facade gives the simplicity of the museum a taste of modernity, and a futuristic atmosphere.
    The museum will discuss the emergence of modernism, contributing to today’s debates.