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    The Kids are all right.

    A new photographic exhibition documents the look of teenagers over the last hundred years as captured by some of the world’s most respected photographers.

    From February 6 to April 12, the Photographers’ Gallery in London is holding an exhibition that shines a light on the changing face of teens over the years. ‘We Could Be Heroes’ features images shot from Brooklyn in the late 40s to 1950s London to the full-swing of the punk movement, the exhibition draws portraits from the series of Anders Petersen, Bruce Davidson, Ed Van Der Elsken, Jaques Henri Lartigue and more.

    Conveying the “rebellious bravado” of teenagers across different eras and from different backgrounds, the exhibition draws parallels between youth cultures of disparate times and places. From gangs in Brooklyn to “Teddy” boys, it’s a compelling look at the vitality and angst of youth as captured by some legendary humanist photographers.