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    The Gospel According to Andre.

    The documentary 'The Gospel According to Andre 'follows the life of Andre Leon Talley and his success and ventures in the fashion industry

    The new documentary ‘The Gospel According to Andre’ is based around fashion's most iconic figure, Andre Leon Talley. Andre was best known for his position at Vogue as editor-at-large, but he first made his way into the fashion industry by the help of Andy Warhol at Interview magazine. Andre has also spent time working at Women’s Wear Daily, W and The New York Times. At these publications Talley used his leverage to advocate for more African American models involvement on the runway and in the magazines.

    ‘The Gospel According to Andre’ is directed by Kate Novak and hears from some of Talley’s closest friends and co workers like Anna Winter, Marc Jacobs, and Whoopi Goldberg. The film also includes behind the scenes footage of Talley at fashions biggest events and his interactions with the worlds most current stars.

    ‘The Gospel According to Andre’ will be released to select theaters on April 27, 2018.