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    The Encounter.

    The National Portrait Gallery’s newest exhibition displays the simplicity and intimacy of the Old Master drawings from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

    The National Portrait Gallery in London is featuring the influential portrait drawings from some of the most outstanding masters of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The Encounter digs deep into the depths of the relationship between sitter and artist, giving viewers a glimpse of the creative past. The show holds 49 pieces from artist like Leonardo, Pontormo, Dürer, Parmigianino, Holbein, and Clouet. Their works range in medium from chalk to pastel from ink to metalpoint. Each artist’s personality and aesthetic is expertly captured and displayed in a low-lit gallery. Aging has given the art vulnerability and fragility, it also raises the question of how these precious pieces made it decades completely unscathed.
    The Encounter at the National Portrait Gallery in London will be running from 13 July though to 22 October.