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    The Disasters of Everyday Life.

    The Blain Southern Museum will be showcasing the war inspired collages and sculptures from the brother duo, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

    The Blain Southern Museum in London is featuring a new body of sculptural work from the brother duo Jake and Dinos Chapman. The exhibition, “The Disasters of Everyday Life” takes the Chapman’ obsession with the Spanish Painter Francisco Goya and plays off his original series “The Disasters of War”.

    The main attraction of “The Disasters of Everyday Life” are the bronzed suicide vests that clearly address the world events. The sculptures are names “Life and Death Vests" and are accurate depictions that were recreated from online images; apart from one, which was made from a Hollywood film prop.

    In addition to sculptures, the Chapman brothers reworked the vintage etchings from Goya’s “The Disasters of War” by making dramatic recreations using collages, watercolor and glitter. The prints create a odd and sometimes hilarious depiction of war using 1940’s and 1950’s children books illustrations featuring an ensemble of teddy-bears in clothes and uniforms, kittens with bows, children; all with expressions ranging from shocked surprise to sadistic pleasure.

    “The Disasters of Everyday Life” will be on view at the Blain Southern in London from 4 October to 11 November 2017.