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    The American Fraternity.

    Toxic Masculinity and the American Frat Culture.

    Andrew Moisey’s photo book entitled ‘The American Fraternity: An Illustrated Ritual Manual’, documents the rituals of young men in fraternities. The pictures are filled with violence, alcohol, homo-erotictism and humiliation. “I wanted to show how the whole brotherhood thing that fraternity houses are built on actually tends to bring out the worst in young men, and the lofty ideals that once informed the organisations have now been replaced by pretty dreadful behaviour,” explain Moisey in relation to his series. Alarmingly, the same men depicted all come from background of racial and economic privilege and often go on to hold positions of power. Moisey states that when the series was originally published it did not gather a lot of attention but with the rise of the MeToo Movement and the controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, it has gained a lot more societal importance. The photographs depict a strange culture where homophobia, misogyny and racisms are normalized together with semi-naked wrestling and parading your penis in an all-male campus. Moisey got intimate access to the men's lives through his brother, who was a member of the frat house shown in the book. Thus, the pictures originate from a very close and insider's view on the socialization that takes place in these environments.