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    Ten Czech photographers exhibit their work together in New York.

    Although their approaches to photography differ greatly, these ten Czech artists were brought together in New York to show their works side by side. The Czech Centre exhibits their different images and imaginings of life in the Czech Republic to demonstrate the variety of style in the contemporary photography scene. From candid snapshots to fashion photography to conceptual works, these artists outline a poignant commentary of their home country. Tender takes on a two-fold meaning, both describing the soft emotions and vulnerabilities in relationships these images expose, as well as a bid, an offer to explore Czech culture through this exposition. One award winning artist participating in the show, Tereza Zelenkova, plays on the ‘tender’ theme through soft black and white images that follow a Czech folk tale of a young woman who is seduced by a soldier, and spends the remainder of her life haunting the woods. With compassion for forgotten local myths, she uses her photography to narrate these legends, its best to imagine her works as illustrations for “a book that does not exist”.