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    Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman.

    Rick Owens first retrospective called Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman, will be debuting at the Triennale Di Milano.

    Rick Owens has recently debuted his retrospective at the Triennale Di Milano in Milan Italy. This retrospective is a glimpse into What Rick Owens perceives as beauty. Upon entrance, the exhibition fills the space with a handmade sculpture that twists grotesquely. The sculpture resembles a moving cloud of soot, but it is actually composed of concrete, lilies, the earth from the seaside in Venice (where Owens wants to be buried) and the designers own hair. As visitors follow the hovering dark cloud, they are lead to a collection of staged, white-clad, mannequins donning in the designers notable creations; like his Draped Jacket from 2006, or 2016’s Seahorse dress in silk gazar. The mannequins are draped in Grecian robes with horsehair, beaten lambskin and bugle beads, which paints the atmosphere with a sci-fi, tribal mood.

    At the final stop of the exhibition, viewers are invited to relax in Owens furniture creations made from calfskins and that resemble past collections and watch short videos of Owens most memorable runway moments and clips of him creating. 'Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman” is a glimpse at the 23- year fashion career, which makes the runway atmosphere not coincidental. “It’s also another show, and I do four shows a year. If I didn’t, something like this would be a lot more intense, probably. It’s kind of a show of all my shows.” said Owens.

    Rick Owens Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman will be on view at the Triennale Di Milano until March 25, 2018