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    Sneakers like Jay-Z.

    Visual art Award dedicated to commissioned photography to be hosted in April in Paris.

    Ooshot is a visual content creation platform that helps connect artists with brands, covering services such as e-commerce, portraits, events, creative campaigns and more. Last year was the first time the company came together to create the Ooshot Award, a ten thousand dollar award giving to artists that have made work under commission. The creators behind the award believe that some of history’s greatest photographs were made under commission, and the distinction between art and commercial photography must be blurred. Last year’s winners, Ambroise Tézenas and Frédéric Delangle, had a very interesting project called Sneakers like Jay-Z, where they photographed the fashion of refugees alongside a short interview excerpt. By exposing what fashion means to their subjects, as well as the stories of people that have had to flee their homes, we are brought closer to their experience. The event will be hosted in Magasin Généraux in Paris from the 19th to 28th of April.