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    Sony World Photography Award announces its first round of finalists.

    The Sony World Photography Award aims to highlight the work of artists around the world. There are four categories, professional, student, youth, open. This year there were over 326,000 submissions for over 196 countries and territories worldwide. The judges of this years selection is Brendan Embser, managing editor of Aperture, Emma Lewis, assistant curator, Tate; Liu Heung Shing, founder of the Shanghai Center of Photography; and Isabella van Marle, head of artist & gallery relations at Unseen Amsterdam. The shortlist is a group of photographers that were selected as the vanguard, they are seen as the next generation of artists. This exhibition will be on view in the Somerset House in London before the go on a world-tour. It will also include a section dedicated to work by Nadav Kander, who has been awarded a prize for his Outstanding Contribution to Photography. The winners in all ten categories will be announced on the 17th of this month. The Photographer of the Year receives prize money of 25,000 dollars.