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    Selfies, Equal/Egos.

    Portrait and Selfie exhibition returns to Vichy.

    Vichy, France hosts the French festival of portrait photography, which this year will show selfies, and work by Philippe Halsman, Turkina Faso, and Benni Valsson to name a few. This year’s exhibition will prove to be one of the most diverse, with artists from all over the world united by their work in portraiture. The exhibition Selfies, Equal/Egos represents a mixture of professional as well as amateur work that dives deeper into the revived practice of self-portraiture in the digital age. One series in particular looks at the rigid gender norms that are imposed upon young children in Ukraine’s military camps. These pictures use soft light, and distinct silhouettes that remind the viewer of those feeling evoked in classic paintings – however they also expose the ways in which society clearly sets a path for young children to follow. It clearly exposes how we confine boundaries of behaviour, style, and aesthetics – an unspoken language that communicates for us the norms and conventions of our expected gendered attitudes.