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    Whitechapel Gallery in London is showing their first instalment of the ‘ISelf Collection with piece Self- Portrait as the Billy-Goat by Pawel Althamer.

    With the rapid growth of smart phones and instant everything it is no surprise that evolvement of self portraiture has blown up. With an estimated 1 million selfies taken per day an closer look to selfie culture could not be more relevant.

    Whitechapel Gallery in London is known for showcasing rarely seen collections from around the world. Their newest exhibition ‘ISelf Collection: Self-Portrait as the Billy Goat’ explores the topic of self-portraiture. The highlight piece is Pawel Althamers’s 2011 self-portrait as a half-skinned billy goat.

    In addition a display of 25 works by more then a dozen artists including TBA Tracey Emin and Japanese sculptor YaYOI Kusama. Each artist is attempting to highlight the complexity of being a human by revealing how they see their own bodies, reflection and personal identity.

    The exhibition at Whitechapel is free and will run until August 21th 2017 in London.