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    Selfie Fashion.

    Harley Weir shoots new campaign for Courrèges.

    Text: Harley Weir is a London-based photographer who is well known for her outspoken photographical style and incorporating herself in her own work. Courrèges is a fashion label that has been most prominently recognized for its production of miniskirts and PVC fashion accessories in the 1960’s. In this autumn/winter 2019 campaign, Weir and creative director of the brand Yolanda Zobel, have decided to be inspired by the ferocity and self-determination of the #metoo movement, put women first and allow this female artist to have license over the campaign. The images she has come up with are provocative and personal, political and at the same time seem like an image found on private messages. The model and photographer are blended into one, as she sprawls across a sunny lawn, grabbing her crotch, and sporting some red leather boots. This campaign is truly one of a kind, as it highlights a realness in the industry that has seldom been celebrated before.