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    Seeing Double.

    Artist Fumiko Imano collaborated with Loewe for the Spring/ Summer 18 campaign.

    The designer at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson, has enlisted the creative Fumiko Imano for the Spring/ Summer 18 campaign. Imano work revolves around self reflection and she displays this by creating herself as twins. As a child she spenT her life in Brazil, then moved back to her home country of Japan at 8 years old. “When I came back to Japan, I had an identity crisis, I wanted to have have someone else to be cheerful with, so I started making these twins. Like a butterfly collector; pinning.”

    The campaign was shot in front of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, with it’s clear view of the Eiffel tower. Imano and her duplicate are shot alongside Dutch model Saskia de Brauw. Imano usually only creates solo work but The Loewe campaign has a different tone. “... because I only play with myself for my pictures, but with Saskia it became more fun,” the artist says.