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    See in Black.

    A new print sale, See In Black, highlights the work of Black photographers.

    Additionally, 100% of proceeds from the sale will benefit social justice charities
    See In Black, a collective formed in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, Tony McDade, and other Black people’s deaths at the hands of law enforcement, has launched a self-titled print sale to celebrate the work of around 80 Black photographers.
    Launched last Friday, on Juneteenth, the sale supports the group’s aims to “dismantle white supremacy and systematic oppression”, with 100% of proceeds benefiting five social justice charities: The Bail Project, Know Your Rights Camp, Youth Empowerment Project, National Black Justice Coalition, and Black Futures Lab.
    “Our intention is to replenish those we’ve been nourished by,” reads a statement from See In Black.
    Co-founder Micaiah Carter adds: “We wanted to find organisations that did a plethora of things for specific communities, but also national communities – different intersections that need outreach, and need more eyes upon what they do and how people can help.”
    Photographers whose work is featured in the sale include Miranda Barnes, former Dazed 100er Joshua Woods, and Childish Gambino collaborator Ibra Ake. View the full list on See In Black’s website.
    Each print is priced at $100, with the sale running until July 3, 2020.