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    Russian Revolution and Artist Freedom.

    A new Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London is paying homage to post Revolutionary Russia.

    he fateful events in 1917 Russia, ended centuries of Tsarist rule. From this point forward for 15 years, Russian society had a new found freedom open for exploration. The art community felt this and embraced the change. Artists like Kandinsky, Malevich, Chagall and Rodchenko had the first taste of this new adventure, which quickly came to an end in 1932 under Stalins suppression.

    The Royal Academy of Arts will be holding a vast ranging exhibition paying homage to the post Revolutionary Russia. With pieces from Kandinsky’s bold compositions, abstract work from Malevich and the Suprematists, as well as common Communist art that was accepted by the regime. The exhibition will showcase several types of medium from this area, from flyers displaying first uses of graphic design, film, and everyday objects that will visually explain the short lived freedom Russia felt.

    The exhibition will be held at The Royal Academy of Arts in London from February 11th to April 17 2017