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    René Magritte at the Centre Pompidou.

    The Treachery of Images: a tribute to Belgium's most celebrated surrealist artist.

    The Centre Pompidou in Paris is paying tribute to one of Belgium’s most recognisable surrealist artists with a thematic exhibition of the works of René Magritte. Magritte is well known for his witty and thought-provoking art that brought fame to everyday objects like the pipe and bowler hat.

    The Treachery of Images (La Trahison des Images), is set to be one of Europe’s hottest exhibitions of the season, showcasing many of Magritte’s playful and iconic paintings as well as antique images that reinterprets the artist’s work in the light of five recurring motifs he made constant reference to; fire, shadows, curtains, words and the fragmented body.

    The Treachery of Images opens at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on September 21, 2016 until January 23, 2017.