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    Uncovering the politics of Elizabeth Frink .

    Elizabeth Frink was an English sculptor and printmaker celebrated for her bird sculptures such as Vulture (1952) and works surrounding the theme of the Running Man (1978-80). But the political dimensions of her work have been largely ignored until recently. A exhibition curator named Calvin Winner writes in a discovered catalogue from a show in 1965, “There is a deeper and darker Frink, which she herself acknowledged, but found impossible to articulate in words, The bird-form became a vehicle, or avatar, to explore the Cold War and the climate of fear that shadowed the post-war period. These works evoke an extreme sense of menace, fear and panic”. Frink was also deeply impacted by images from the colonial wars in North Africa. These insights into her political concerns give her works a new deeper and more complex political dimension. Her work in this new light can now be viewed in the biggest exhibition of her since her death at the Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts.