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    Aaron McElroy releases new photobook with the red colour as the main protagonist.

    Aaron McElroy, based in New York, is a photographer who started his career in his late 20s. He is known for his voyeuristic style inspired by street photography and an eye for forms and shapes in an image. As a teenager, McElroy ran away from home, lived on the street and became addicted to drugs. Fortunately, at 23 he managed to get clean, and began working with teenagers who were struggling with drug addiction. In an effort to decorate his apartment when he was 27, he picked up a camera, and with a DIY attitude became heavily involved in the world of photography. Now, in his 40s his work is celebrated across the world. Reds is a photobook that was inspired as McElroy looked through his archive and picked out the pictures with red in them. Then he became inspired by the volatile colour. Red is often seen as problematic in photography, difficult to style and implicated in complex emotions of love, lust, anger, passion and death. The photobook combines these genuine images, with staged ones he took afterwards. In his heavily cropped style, and eclectic organization of the book, Reds promises a visceral look into McElroy’s mind.