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    Queer British Art.

    The Tate Britain will be showcasing historical queer British artists relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer identities.

    The Tate Museum in London will be holding the first exhibition paying homage to queer (LGBTQ identities) British artists from 1861-1967. This show also marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of male homosexuality in England.

    The exhibition explores how artists lived, and expressed their orientation in a time where non heterosexual lifestyles were seen as a criminal act and highly criticized. The art work ranges

    from paintings, drawings, film and personal photographs from John Singer Sargent, Dora Carrington, Duncan Grant, David Hockney and others. These artists show their deeply personal feelings and place them in political, erotic and domestic themes.

    The exhibition will be held at the Tate Museum in London from 5 April to 1 October.