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    Photography for relief.

    Martin Parr, Jack Davison, and Nadine Ijewere are among UK-based photographers participating in an online print sale to support the Trussell Trust — a charity that aids over two-thirds of food banks across the UK.

    200 photographers have donated prints to the online fundraiser Photographs for the Trussell Trust. Each print is 8 x 11 inches and priced at £100; all profits, bar £10 for production costs, will go to the Trussell Trust, which supports two-thirds of food banks across the UK.
    Food banks, already stretched, have been under increasing pressure since the advent of the pandemic. 300 per cent more people are visiting food banks compared to this time last year — a figure, resulting, in part, from the social and economic toll inflicted by restrictions implemented to fight COVID-19.

Founded in 1997, the Trussell Trust supports over 1200 food bank centres nationwide, ensuring people in crisis receive at least three days’ of food. In the UK, the restrictions of lockdown have prevented many of the 14 million people already living in poverty from eating properly: three weeks into the lockdown, The Food Foundation disclosed that eight million adults have experienced food insecurity as a result of not being able to afford or access it. 
    Featuring prints by 200 British and UK-based photographers, including Clementine Schneidermann, Jack Davison, Olivia Arthur, Jeremy Deller,Juergen Teller, and Nadav Kander, the first 100 prints will be released today, 27 April, at 12:00 GMT, with the second release of additional images this Wednesday 29 April.
    “In response to this emergency and inspired by the successful Italian ‘100 Fotografi per Bergamo’ initiative and New-York-based ‘Pictures for Elmhurst’, we have initiated a photography print sale fundraiser here in the UK to support the Trussell Trust,” explained the organisers Alexandra Leese, Simon Rogers, and Bianca Raggi.