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    Photographer and Designer.

    Photographer Alasdair McLellan and Designer Margaret Howell share their great working relationship with a photo exhibition.

    Photographer Alasdair McLellan has selected over 40 images with designer Margaret Howell for an exhibition that will run with London Fashion Week. Each of the images selected by McLellan have been collected from the early years of Margaret Howell to the current campaigns. There will also be never seen images from older collections to the upcoming SS17 collection. The exhibition will be held at the Margaret Howell shop in London from Friday February 17 2017 to Sunday March 19 2017.

    Howell and McLellan have a great working relationship, she says “I know what I want our photo campaigns to achieve, and Alasdair knows how to achieve it. I drag him off to unglamorous locations in England with our precarious weather, but I think he has come to trust my choices as I trust his eye that works tirelessly to get just the right picture. His judgement, vision and tenacity makes for a valuable partnership.”