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    Phillip Ellis’s Britain .

    Emerging young designer, Philip Ellis debuts his latest collection through the pages of Enlarge Your Memories magazine.

    Phillip Ellis is a young, emerging designer who has had great opportunity to work with major labels and designers like Vetements and Meadham Kirchhoff. His work has caught the eyes of the public because of the activist undertone projected through his designs. In June 2016, the day before the EU Referendum, Ellis exhibited his collection that was based on Brexit at Central Saint Martins. The collection featured EU flags and slogans that read “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and “Tories put the ’N’ in cuts”. The collection screamed protest and confrontation on the EU’s current status; it was direct and vocal but the design was executed and tailored. A skill he must have picked up by working with Meadham Kirchhoff. Ellis’s work was showcased in several indie and mainstream publications, which was quite impressive because he had not even graduated university at this point.

    Although he is young, his collections are already littered with design trademarks. Being British, he draws inspiration for the nation’s fashion staples like gingham and tweed. His newest collection “Better Late Then Never” includes these key elements but twists them with off beat elements like latex and unexpected silhouettes; which in turn perversities the British themes. His current collection was inspired by his childhood and is pride in Britain, but oozes a more sinister edge. This can be seen by the use of evil looking clowns, or fetishistic elements mixed with childlike and playful lines.

    Instead of the classic and expected fashion show, Ellis launched his collection on November 28 through a magazine titled Enlarge Your Memories. The release of the magazine was held at Donlon Books on Broadway Market. The publication prints poster-sized magazines that are in collaboration with artists, photographers and other designers. The idea first struck Ellis when he ran into the magazines creator on the street. The two shared a vision and the opportunity presented itself.

    The full collection can be seen on his website at www.philipjellis.com