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    Photographer Lee Friedlander releases book featuring the epic parties he shot through 1950’s through to 2016.

    Lee Friedlander has released a new volume from his ongoing photobook series ‘The Human Clay’ with Yale University Press. The publication, 'Parties', is a sneak peek of the parties, feasts and festivities from the party goer’s point of view.

    The notable photographer first established himself through the late 1950’s when he started snapping social landscapes of America. Since then he has shot iconic photos of celebrities like Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, and a nude Madonna for Playboy. “No one is immune to Lee’s lens, whether it’s an elegant woman in an up-do at a party in Monaco or Andy Warhol with his camera in his hands at a party in 1971,” says the book’s editor, Tiffany Sprague, who worked Lee and graphic designer Katy Homans on the project. 

    Parties' is an invitation to the celebrations of the past, and gives the viewer a glimpse into the ever-changing circle of party people, and fashion styles that Lee thrived in. Through his angles and subjects Lee brings the viewer straight into the intimate dance that he played with his subjects. The images are informal, and could pass as vernacular photography. Which makes his art accessible to everyone who views it. “There’s an element of voyeurism to the photos—even though we’d like to deny it, we all love to see what we’re not supposed to be seeing,” Tiffany says.

    Lee photography has no rules or rhythm. His style is filled with spontaneity which leads him to capture honest moments of glamour, romance and joy.