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    Painting India.

    The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery in the UK is featuring the late Howard Hodgkin and his works that depict a modern and contemporary view of India.

    The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery in the UK will be hosting the first exhibition honouring the late Howard Hodgkin’s contemporary paintings that were heavily influenced by is his infatuation with India. A place he visited almost yearly since his first trip in 1964.
    The gallery will feature more the 35 works that were painted over the last 50 years. Hodgkin was a master of colour and using it to tell a story. He used the vibrance of warm and cool tones to bring his impressions of the country to life. From blazing sunsets to oppressive rains, cities that he traveled and portraits of people he befriended. The exhibition, Painting India, will feature paintings that were crafted in the 1960’s to paintings that Hodgkin had completed earlier this year. In addition to paintings, rarely seen photographs and documents will be in the exhibition from Hodgkin’s personal archive that relate to his relationship with India.
    Speaking in 2016, Howard Hodgkin said: 'I fell in love with Indian art when I was at school, thanks to the enterprising art master, Wilfrid Blunt. I longed to visit India, but only managed to do so in my early thirties. It proved a revelation. It changed my way of thinking and, probably, the way I paint. I am excited by the idea of this exhibition and delighted it will take place in David Chipperfield's remarkable building, The Hepworth Wakefield, where I greatly enjoyed the show of paintings by Stanley Spencer.'
    The Howard Hodgkin: Painting India exhibition takes place in part with the UK-India Year of Culture and will be running from July 1st until October 8th.