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    Order of Appearance.

    Jim Jocoy releases new photobook depicting San Francisco punk scene in the 70’s.

    Jim Jocoy, who calls himself a “war baby”, was born in South Korea in 1952 to an American father and a Korean mother. Not too long after moving to America when he was young, he became interested in the music scene, and loved to look through magazines of the burgeoning punk movement that was spreading throughout Europe in the early 70’s. Soon enough, it hit San Francisco hard and Jocoy found himself in the middle of the frenzy. Desperate to be a part of the scene, but unable to play an instrument and join a band, he picked up a camera and began documenting the party scene. His work is roughly divided into three groups: his portraiture that features in his first book We’re Desperate, photographs from live performances of bands like the Clash, or whoever was performing that week in the city, and finally more informal shots of his friends getting ready to go out on the weekend. This last book, Order of Appearance, mostly includes these more intimate and spontaneous snapshots, chronicles of a punk rock generation. His self-taught methods proved successful, as a distinct style emerges over the years and his eye seems to find exactly the right shot to represent the beauty in the wild. His book is available online at https://www.jimjocoy.com/books.