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    Only Human.

    Martin Parr exhibits in London.

    This month, up until the 27th, Martin Parr – one of Britain’s most celebrated photographers – has an extensive exhibition at Wolfson and Lerner Galleries at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Martin Parr has gained critical acclaim during his lifetime for a body of work which highlighted social dynamics in an ironic, and intimate way. His major projects have focused on issues such as classism, tourism, and global consumerism. Parr has more than 40 books published of his photographs, and has participated in over 80 exhibitions in leading museums all over the world. Parr, who is in his sixties, shows no sign of stopping soon. Only Human includes some of his most famous photographs, along side never before seen works. Parr doesn’t see himself necessarily as a portrait photographer but rather an anthropological documenter, however, this exhibition will include portraits of people around in the world that reflect his innovative way of seeing people and society.