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    Observing Wealth.

    Photographer Lauren Greenfield will release a picture book of her 25 year documentation of American wealth.

    Lauren Greenfield, known for her 2012 documentary “The Queen of Versailles”, has also been working on 25 year photography project where her subject is the wealthy of America. Greenfield has been documenting American wealth since 1992. It began with taking photos of students from her old high school in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California. “Despite the dramatic divisions in the city revealed by the L.A. riots ... rich kids and poor kids had found common ground that their parents had not, and it was a shared love for Versace,”

    In her new book “Generation Wealth” Greenfield observes and notes the extreme measures that are taken to acquire and spend money. From images of hip hop icons to shopping addicted housewives, in 650 images she shares a part of America that many don’t get to see.

    Generation Wealth is now available for pre-order and will be released in stores on May 15, 2017