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    Mango goes Mango Goes People and Nature Conscious for its S/S ‘19 photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

    Mango, Spanish clothing design brand, has released their promotional campaigns for its spring/summer 2019 collection. Their summer wardrobe is a blend of classic looks with a contemporary twist, like this oversized pastel trench coat and metallic pant. A perfect way to mix up your wardrobe with some on-trend pieces.
    Many multinational brands have been positioning themselves to refine their image in light of our new cultural climate, and it looks like Mango, too, is trying to put new faces at the forefront of their brand image. They do this most evidently through their choice of models– all the models are active in the cultural field, highlighting the growing influence of cultural influencers, activists, and artists to fashion trends. For example, Adwoa Aboah is a British model and activist who advocates for diversity in the fashion industry, as well as sustainable fashion.
    Interestingly, not too long ago Mango was embroiled in bad press due to the 2013 Savar building collapse, a terrible accident in a factory in Bangladesh that lead to over a thousand lives lost. This catastrophe sparked a worldwide discussion about corporate social responsibility across transnational supply, as well as the damage the fashion industry makes on the environment. In response Mango, and many other brands, have tried to respond and refresh their image by tightening regulations in overseas factories, while also releasing sustainable fashion lines, in-store recycling and ethically sourced cotton. These changes are welcomed, but hopefully these models can shake up the industry enough to ignite even more radical change in the fashion world.