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    New Photography Talent Award.

    Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Photoworks announces 3 talented winners of the new photography award.

    Jerwood and Photoworks have announced three new winners for its second annual prize for new talent in photography. The two winners, Alejandra Carles-Torla and Lua Ribeira are from Spain and Sam Laughlin is from the UK. Each prize winner is given £5,000 to support their research and to develop new work. They also have access to production funds and mentoring.
    Alejandra’s work focuses on how group identity shapes individual identity. Her project aims to photograph “Janeites”, religious followers of Jane Austen. Janeites have formed communities to praise the authors imaginative world. Alejandra studied in Barcelona and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
    Sam Laughlin work is in accordance with researchers who capture animal behaviours. Unlike conventional wildlife photography, Sam focuses on the form of photography rather then the “spectacle in nature”. Sam studies documentary photography at USW and has shown his work at Brighton Photo Fringe in 2016.
    Lua Riberia plans to “play with the provocative history of the black body in photography”. She also is on a path of exploration of female identity within contemporary Jamaican dancehall culture in the UK. Riberia studies science and graphic design before finding photography. She also studies at USW.
    In January 2018, the artists will show their projects at Jerwood Space in London before going on national tours with their partners from Impressions Gallery, Bradford and Belfast Exposed.