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    Nadav Kander: The long river.

    Nadav Kander's contemplative and ghostly atmosphere on the banks of Yangtze River.

    In order to complete this project, Kander, now 50, went to The Middle Kingdom five times on a period of three years. His aim – in his own words – was to show “ a naked China”. This study of an ever-growing, ever-changing country would eventually lead him to win the Prix Pictet Award in 2009.
    Most impressive are the statistics associated with the river – Longest in the world, with 450 million souls living on its banks – 1 person out of 18 people in the world happens to live on the banks of the Yangtze.
    Yet, for most, his photographs rarely show humans – Rather, Kander depicts a lost, ghostly land, creating a contemplative and quiet atmosphere.

    Nadav Kander, “Yangtze- The Long River”, November 1-December 22, 2012, Edwynn Hook Gallery, Stockerstrasse 33, 8002, Zurich, Switzerland.