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    Modern Girl.

    The Jewish Museum in New York City holds an exhibition in honour of modernist painter, Florine Stettheimer.

    The Jewish Museum in New York City will be holding an exhibition showcasing the works of Florine Stettheimer. Stettheimer is known as an iconic artist of the Jazz Age. Born into a wealthy jewish family she studied at the Art of Students League in New York City and then in Europe. There she was inspired by Symbolists painters and poets thus kick starting her career as a artist. Through her 50 years of work she covered many mediums such as; paintings, drawing, costume and theatre designs, photography and critically acclaimed poems. Stettheimer’s work was so prominent during the Jazz Age, that she has become a staple in American art history. The exhibition will run from May 5th through to September 24 2017 at the Jewish Museum in New York City.