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    Miranda July Feminist Icon.

    Miranda July, the artist, writer, and filmmaker is sharing her collections of vintage Feminist film and other materials from the Riot Grrrl movement.

    In 1996 the Riot Grrrl movement took off in Portland Oregon. A scene full of artists, musicians, film makers and above all feminists. During this time, July launched a video series called Miss Moviola, which later changed to Joanie 4 Jackie. Here she collected other feminist amateur films, created zines, art and other forms of media to spread the word about feminism. 

    “I typed up the pamphlet, inviting women to send me their short movies. I described the concept like this: ‘A Challenge and A Promise: Lady, u send me yr movie + $5.00 & I’ll send you the latest Big Moviola compilation (that’s 10 lady-made movies including yrs).’ Nine movies, plus their own, would be sent back as what I called a ‘Chainletter’ tape.”

    She promised that every single film that she received for the chainletter tape would be included. July would also give these collections to touring feminist bands like Bikini Kill and Heavens to Betsy to spread around the country. Miranda July dived into this project and was fully committed to spreading the concept of feminism and would go to many great lengths to achieve this. 

    Now, July is still committed to the feminism movement and is releasing her collection of feminist films, art, inspirations and other oddities that she has collected from that historical era. To see more visit joanie4jackie.com.