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    Michelangelo and Sebastiano Together Again.

    The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Michelangelo and "Sebastiano” will be held at The National Gallery in London.

    The National Gallery in London has given art and history lovers the opportunity to explore the extraordinary relationship between Michealangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo from the Roman Renaissance era.

    The great Italian masters had a twenty five year friendship that cultivated amazing works of art. Without each other their art may not have had the impact it has today due to the competitive nature of the High Renaissance Rome. Together they powered through war, religious conflict, and were founders of artistic innovation.

    The exhibition will be centred around their two collaborations; the 'Pietà' for S. Francesco in Viterbo (c.1512–16) and The Raising of Lazarus, painted for the Cathedral of Narbonne in France. The National Gallery has also acquired and impressive loan of Michelangelo’s ‘The Risen Christ’ (1514–15) from the Church of S. Vincenzo Martire in Bassano Romano, Italy.

    In addition to these historical works, there will be paintings drawing, sculpture, and letters. The exhibition will run from March 15th through to June 25th in London.