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    Measure and Middle.

    Exploring our ‘new normal’ with a tender and stoic eye, Ingmar Björn Nolting’s delicate vignettes of daily life take us on a journey around Germany during the Covid-19 crisis.

    In this time of COVID-19, there have been no shortage of photographers taking on the task of documenting the changes the pandemic has brought on in communities around the world. In doing so, few have achieved the lucidity and clarity of storytelling of Ingmar Björn Nolting.
    In his series, Measure and Middle, Nolting focuses his lens on German society as a whole. Since the beginning of the country’s outbreak, he has traveled around Germany documenting scenes on the frontlines as well as within the private and public lives of regular Germans. The title of the project comes from a term used by Angela Merkel when the outbreak began, outlying a strategy of cautious and rational moderation in managing the country’s pandemic response.