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    Love and Resistance.

    Acclaimed photographers release photobook documenting LGBTQ lives.

    Text: As Gay Pride month passes, many will have been reminded or learn for the first time about the Stonewall riots. The riots outside a gay bar in New York which spurred the birth of Gay pride, and became an important cornerstone in the history of civil rights in the USA. Love and Resistance is a photobook which, through the eyes of openly gay journalists Kay Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davis, chronicles the struggles and joys of members of the LGBTQ+ community during and the decades after the Stonewall riots. These images show beautiful diversity, and moments of tenderness between couples and people, while also showing the forceful nature of protest and the need to be seen and acknowledged by the wider community. Davis and Lahusen were both involved in the gay rights movement, but had different viewpoints on how to tackle the issue of forwarding gay rights. Lahusen was more interested creating and keeping spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals in society, while Davis was interested in questioning the whole system.